Coming from a background where I did not have the most resources, the importance of education has its roots in my past and my future
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Finding Design
I owe so much to the very first design class I took, Introductory Design and Programming for the Web, for introducing me to the design world.

The experience was so valuable to me; I am currently in my fourth semester as a teaching assistant for the course – I’ve personally gotten to see over 100 students of my lab students discover design the same way I did.
Understanding design
Introduction to Digital Product Design is a 7-week course taught semesterly by undergraduate students as part of the project team Cornell App Development.

I knew that design was for me the moment I attended my first lecture for this class in the Spring of 2022. My course instructors, Emily Romero and Tise Alatise, showed us two side-by-side pictures of different students’ bedrooms: one was a seemingly messy, scattered room, while the other was clean and full of bins. Which one was good design?

Their answer, as you might have thought, was not what the class expected, and that was the hook for me! Design was about thinking outside the box, challenging common assumptions, and more importantly, listening to the context to solve problems as common as a messy room.

My journey began here, thanks to some amazing people who have become my biggest career and life mentors.
Sharing Design
The next semester, I joined the same project team that taught Intro to DPD, and after 2 amazing semesters honing my skills as a designer, I took the leap and went full circle, becoming Course Instructor along with the talented Kayla Sprayberry.

Outreach has always been a passion, and as an underrepresented minority, I put all my effort into seeing the future I want – where students from all walks of life can learn design and utilize these tools to reach a brighter future.

I’m currently working with Funmi Olukanmi for the SP24 semester of DPD!