I'm so glad to show you a little bit of my world.


years of playing and discovering new music; soundtracks and beats are my livelihood
languages spoken - the obvious, Spanish, and 普通话. Duolingo is my buddy as I aspire to become a polyglot~
amazing design courses I teach and rave about to friends and aspiring designers
amazing dog I can't wait to see over the break
I can never stop learning
Whether by learning the bass and joining a band at Cornell, or studying abroad in China my junior year of HS, I want to be fluent in every skill.
I’m always inspired to work hard
During the summers you can find me working at my father’s food truck, where I pulled my first all-nighter at 12 years old. I’m also an avid lifter and love exercise!
Soundtracks and beats are my livelihood
You can never go wrong with a song recommendation, I love learning more about people through the music they listen to.
My immigrant history pushes me forward
I define success in not only achieving what is difficult, but by honoring legacy and my Ecuadorian family’s culture and tradition.